Clio Wired (the future of the past in the digital age)

So I was reading the chapter called “Brand New World or Blind Alley? American History on the World Wide Web.”┬áThe chapter itself was not that long, but had some words that I did not know and some I had only heard about in passing. The Chapter first start talking about URL and Hypertexts, I did not know what Hypertext were until I read this, and how they are useful in everyday life. In one paragraph, the text starts talking about Mosaic, a browsers created in 1993, helped pave the way to making more use of the Internet.

The chapter also talks about Yahoo, which is the most comprehensive topical directory. On the history page, we get links to article like from the National Women’s History Project. This links, they take you to another site, where you read about whatever the hypertext says. The topic, “The great Depression,” give you a site on the Federal Theatre Project. It is a student page as well as one that present the Library of Congress history about the Depression.

Another area in the Chapter is, the area about Library and Archives online. Soon, everything you need to read, search, look at, and understand will all be available online. This will start by taking the most important knowledge and, first, putting in online, then moving it to a Archive so we have the information.

In the National Digital Library Program, or NDLP, you can already found ten of thousand of items to see. This archive has Media, photographs, recordings (both sound and video), etc. This is the largest archive online.

This is just some of the things you can found online, and it is some of the things my chapter talks about. It was interesting to read and some of the words throw my off, to the point of having to research the words.


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