Week 13

So we met with Dr. Rees to talk about the Website. Sarah and I have been working hard on it, making sure the site looks the way we wanted it to. Sarah has added to the website great. She help me found out what i am missing, due mostly to the fact that she is not from here.

Things we have done:
1. Sarah has added, Mother Jones and Nation reaction
2. I have added, the strike, during the massacre, and the aftermath.
A. I have added more to the Ludlow monument page
B. I have added th resource page
C. I have work on the other pages to a degree

Things Dr. Rees asked for:
1. Go and add Elena video to the three tabs
A. The strike, During the massacre, and The aftermath

April 14th week

So this week was working on the website and stuff. Sarah and I met in the library on the fifth floor on Wednesday, to talk the Wiki entry that the group had to do. We have work out what we will use and will be going over it on Sunday, together to make sure that we have the information that we need.

Due to time, we are finish up the website to make it presentable to the neighborhood and to Dawn. We have only a few things that we need to enter into the website and we need to talk with Dianne about what she has added and if she has all that she wanted to add.

The Idea is to look it only and work on little things. This website, in my book, is looking great.

Week 11

So we are Meeting on Friday, At about 3 pm at the Museum. Dianne is, hopefully, going to tell us what she wants on the web site. Sarah and I are going to talk and show Dianne what we have added and what we will add.

The idea is to work one it more as we move forwards. Sarah is now in a area where she know a lot of information about her topic. I am working on rearranging what is on the Website. Sarah has moved the some of the guard information and I will be moving more.

We will get more information from Dianne

Week 10

So we meet on Thursday at the Museum, to talk to Dianne. We left without talking to Dianne, due to her other job. She has asked that we meet next week, on a Friday.

Sarah and I met Tuesday to go over the changes on the Webpage. She wanted to know about changing the size of the picture, like cropping it. We talk about what she wanted to put on the Mother Jones page.

Week 8

So the plan this week is to meet in the library to talk about the reading and how to add stuff to the website, I will be working to organize it this week, too. This weekend, on Saturday, we are going to the site, with a camera, and taking picture of what it looks like now, compare to back in the time of the Massacre. The trip will be added to the website and people can see what it was like. I am hoping to video record the site, and the interview with Dawn, added to the website to.

Week 7

My group and I did not meet this week. We talk on slack a little but other then that, we did not meet. I have not talk to Dianne this last two weeks. I am hoping to talk to her soon, thru text or phone. I will, hopefully, get with her and talk about the flow chart.

Sorry for the late post.

Week 6

Sarah and myself met in the library to discussion the website. I am catching Sarah up n the information due to the fact that she is not from Colorado. This week we shared our pitch and then set up a meeting in the library and the museum.
Sarah is getting a book on Mother Jones and some information about her. I am talking and emailing Dawn about the interview. we are planning to go to the Ludlow site, working out this plan around all our schedule.

We are also working the flow chart we have to turn into Dr. Rees. The Chart is going to show us the time-line and a idea about what we can do and what we can’t do.

Week 4

So my group met with Dr. Rees at the museum on Friday Feb. 12, this was mainly due to one of our group members is working there this semester as an intern. We talked about what Dr. Rees wanted to see on the website. We are going to work on improving the pages on the website, with more picture, information, and ideas.

Dianne is wanting to do a page on the mother of the Ludlow camp. She is going to focus on the Mother, both living and dead, and their fear, doubts, etc.

Sarah is going to work on Mother Jones and the aftermath of the Ludlow Massacre. She is also getting a better understanding of the history, due in part to the fact that she is not from Colorado.

I am going to do a lot with video recording, etc. I want to get a feel of the exhibit and what everyone will see if they have.

Week 3

So this week, Sarah and I met up in the library to discuss the pitch that is due on th 18th, Dianne missed due to the time we met, she was at the museum during the time we met. We hope to meet her on Friday to talk about the pitch next week at the museum.  We pull up the old pitch from last semester and look at what was on there and what the old groups, my old group had done. We will be changing and adding more to the pitch and working to create a fun website for the museum. We have a few great ideas for this semester, including a couple of surprise’s for Dr. Rees. Sarah is going to send out the request again to the DPL, History Colorado, etc; so we can use the pictures again is semester.

The Website, by the end of this, will be great. Thanks

Week 2

Hello everyone.

This semester is going to be great. I have two different people in the group and they are going to make the website great for the El Pueblo Museum.
My group member, Sarah and Nick, and I will be meeting tomorrow to talk to Dawn and to look around to make sure that everything is documented for the website.

Let hope for a better and complete website at the end of the semester. 🙂